Earth Tu Face / Sea Salt Scrub

$ 48.00

Pure Salt from the Dead Sea with organic plant oils create an exfoliating blend that leaves skin smooth and hydrated. Fresh uplifting botanicals provide a beautiful light herbal scent. The result is a therapeutic body scrub inspired by Ayurvedic health principles that exfoliates and moisturizes the body in the shower or bath.

8 oz.

Directions for use: Massage a handful of Salt Scrub into skin. Rinse, and skip the moisturizer. (A generous scoop can also be added into bathing water for a detoxifying, herbal soak).

Ingredients: Dead sea salts, organic safflower oil, organic jojoba oil, organic basil essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic orange essential oil, California lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, Non-GMO sunflower vitamin E.


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